Isokinetic Dynamometers
Innovation in Medical Recovery

REVOLUTIONARY Medical Recovery Machines

Isokinetic Dynamometers

The “SANTEX CONCEPT” is an innovative system in medical rehabilitation that operates completely independently, without surveillance staff, giving the possibility to evaluate the potential of patients in a unique and extremely complex way.

Watch the video below and see for yourself the capabilities of this MKB-System isokinetic dynamometer.

8 Electronic Adjustments

The patented system has up to 8 electronic adjustments (including weight adjustment). The entered settings are activated within 5 seconds.

Up to 4 different exercises / machine

The system allows a two-dimensional physiological movement. Each device has up to 4 different exercises, saving 20 minutes / person / procedure.

Software and Automation

Computer exercises. Device settings: position, weight, and recommended exercises that were once entered for a patient can be set at the touch of a finger. The integrated measurement and performance module completes the training plan settings and sets new standards in daily training.

Isokinetic Dynamometers

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