C17 Dinamometru Digital Isokinetic pentru coloana dorso-lombară și șold

Fully automated procedures – adjustments and fixings

  • Automatic workload adjustment and MKB-System patented weight pretensioner
  • CVC fixing
  • HVAC fixing / Height adjustment
  • Automatic angle setting for body fixing
  • Ergonomic cushion CVC
  • Ergonomic support for CVL
  • Automatic seat height adjustment
  • Additional leg support
  • Automatic adjustment and fixing for the feet
  • Adjustable movable arm
  • 17 inch rotary monitor
  • Biometric fingerprint

DIMENSIONS: length: 120cm / width: 130 cm / height: 200 cm

LOCATION AREA: approx. 2m2

WEIGHT: 300kg

ENERGY CONSUMPTION: 3 euro / month

COMPUTER: Integrated PC, including easy-to-control software and 17-inch touchscreen monitor



for the dorso-lumbar spine and hip offers two types of procedures namely torso tilt and hip rotation. C17 is the first Isokinetic Dynamometer to perform a 2D movement thus combining two exercises into one. Only in this way is a concentric muscle contraction performed on the iliopsoas muscle.


2D stabilization ensures the mobility of the joints of the spine and the stress of the muscles in safe conditions. By the one-dimensional movement at the level of the back muscles, only the inclination of the trunk is achieved without performing the rotational movement. The C17 Isokinetic Dynamometer was developed by MKB System together with experienced therapists and doctors, especially to achieve additional hip rotation through a complex 2D movement.

Important aspects:

2D stabilization and rotation

7 settings and fixings
2 procedures in a single isokinetic dynamometer
Ergonomic special foam cushions to prevent bruising
Protection for the shoulders and arms, at the level of the spine and shoulder
Head pillow to stabilize the cervical spine
Weight pretensioner
Biometric fingerprint scanner
Intelligent procedure measurement system

The 2D procedure can start from different starting angles. Before starting the procedure, the patient will be positioned with the thigh flexion on the pelvis and the leg flexion on the thigh at 90 °. In order to achieve adequate straightening or pre-stretching in patients with lodosis, an optimal coordination position is required. This ensures greater flexibility of the dorso-lumbar spine. This complex form of movement is an important part of everyday life.

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