C12 Digital Isokinetic dynamometer for upper / lower limbs

Fully automated procedures – adjustments and fixings

  • Automatic workload adjustment and patented MKB-System weight pretensioner
  • Adjustable arm, includes 17-inch touchscreen monitor
  • Training arms, automatically adjustable
  • The adjustable arm adjusts to the desired position
  • Biometric fingerprint

DIMENSIONS: length: 90cm / width: 90cm / height: 200cm

LOCATION AREA: approx. 1m2

WEIGHT: 200kg

ENERGY CONSUMPTION: 3 euro / month

COMPUTER: Integrated PC, including easy-to-control software and 17-inch touchscreen monitor



with double pulleys for upper and lower limbs C12 offers more than 24 different procedures. The Isokinetic Dynamometer encompasses all procedures that are freely exercised, namely flexion / extension, abduction / adduction & rotation of the upper and lower limbs. C12 has been integrated into the concept of training system improvement and each rehabilitation center should be equipped with a multifunctional Isokinetic Dynamometer.
Important aspects:
24 procedures in an Isokinetic Dynamometer

3 possible basic positions (up / center / down)

Leg exercise belt

Claiming device

Fingerprint scanners

Intelligent procedure measurement system

17 inch rotary monitor

Automatically adjustable arms

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